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"Administer a defined benefit retirement plan designed for First Nations employers and their employees through a successful organization owned by them."

RBA Financial Group is the First Nations Public Security Pension Plan (FNPSPP) sponsor, a defined benefit pension plan. The Plan is made available to First Nations employers who wish to offer an advantageous savings pension plan to their employees. They are multi-employer plans, meaning multiple employers contribute to the same plan.

A retirement plan for
public safety workers

The FNPSPP is a pension plan exclusively offered to employers in the public safety domain. Around 15 band councils grouped to offer their police departments a pension plan adapted to their needs. The assets of the FNPSPP are managed by a Master Trust comprised of joint assets from the NBP and the FNPSPP. Members of this plan profit from the security and return of a major Aboriginal pension fund, established over 40 years ago.

What is a defined

benefit pension plan?

It is a plan that provides a retirement income to participants, calculated following a specific formula based on their years of participation and their average best salaries. Employers and employees alike pay premiums to finance the pension benefits.

This type of plan brings peace of mind and contributes to the participants’ financial security by providing:

  • A monthly pension payable until death
  • Protection against inflation
  • Protection in case of disability
  • A pension for spouses in case of death
  • Options for transfer out of the plan in the event of termination of employment before retirement

In a defined benefit plan, participants are guaranteed to receive their pension amount calculated from the formula and that regardless of the capital markets. Moreover, the risk of exhausting all savings before death (longevity risk) or the risk of negative investment performance is divided between all the employers and participants, whilst in other type of retirement savings plans, those risks fall solely on the participant. Additionally, the pooling of premiums allows for a better portfolio diversification and allows for investment vehicles otherwise inaccessible for individuals.


The RBA Financial Group has a Retirement Office dedicated to the administration of the defined benefit pension plans that are the NBP and the FNPSPP. The teams’ mandate is to manage and administer the benefits of said plans, as well as ensuring compliance with the surrounding laws and regulations. This team provides all important information regarding the plans to employers and participants, while also supporting and guiding the Retirement Committees in various mandates and decisions.

Here are the main services offered by our team: