Established in 1979 by the Conseil Atikamekw-Montagnais following the assumption of communities’ responsibility, it became essential to set up a pension plan to administer all the pension funds for both native and non-native employees in First Nations organizations. The NBP’s creation was a key part in the assumption of responsibility and independence of First Nations process. The establishment of a pension plan owned by First Nations ensured communities that they would get a skilled workforce and maximum economic benefits.

The NBP has been a leader in this field for all First Nations, and 40 years later, we continue to develop our expertise as pension plan sponsors. Through the years, we have adapted our products and services to the changing needs of the members. Au fil des ans, notre organisation a adapté ses produits et services pour répondre aux besoins évolutifs de ses membres.

RBA Financial Group is a non-profit organization that offers, through its organizations, competitive fringe benefits adapted to the changing needs of First Nations. We act as the main sponsor and administrator of the pension plan, while also offering competitive fringe benefits to employers such as group insurance, occupational health and safety and other financial products.

Our social involvement solidifies our contribution to the well-being of First Nations.


Being the primary reference in the management of First Nations’ pension plan and the experts of fringe benefits committed to improving First Nations’ financial independence.


Solidarity, Respect, Transparency, Expertise, Thoroughness