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“Develop and offer financial products and services adapted to the needs of its clientele to support and accompany them through an entity owned by First Nations.

RBA Financial Group is the NBP Defined Contribution Pension Plans’ sponsor, a defined contribution pension plan. The Plan is made available to First Nations employers who wish to offer an advantageous savings pension plan to their employees. It is a multi-employer plan, meaning multiple employers contribute to the same plan.

An advantageous
savings pension plan

The NBP defined contribution pension plan is exclusively offered to First Nation employers, in which more than 80 different employers contribute, mainly private enterprises, Aboriginal organizations and band councils. The Plan has a strong growth year after year, thanks to the Plans’ simplicity, flexibility, and its features adapted to the realities of Aboriginal peoples.

What is a defined

contribution pension plan?

This type of plan reduces financial risks linked to pension plans for employers while also significantly contributing to the financial security of their employees. Moreover, the introduction of a multi-employer plan such as the NBP defined contribution plan allows for a pooling of premiums, reducing the management fees on the assets owned by employees and allows for investment vehicles otherwise inaccessible for individuals.

Industrial Alliance


For the defined contribution pension plan, RBA Financial Group uses its partner’s, Industrial Alliance, platform. That way, participants and employers have a secured access via the web interface enabling the management of the plan and the access to our refined investment platform at competitive rates. As the Plans’ sponsor, the RBA Financial Group ensures compliance with the surrounding laws and regulations and provides the governance needed for the plan’s administration.

Here are the main services offered by our team:


RBA Financial Group makes the defined contribution pension plan platform available to both employers and employees wishing to implement of these products:

This gives access to low management fees, and to our teams’ leading-edge expertise and constant lookout for new investment trends.